Modern world is entering a new phase of its development: our most valuable assets become digital. Mikael Björling, an expert in strategic marketing management, will explain how to keep pace with the progress and get the maximum benefit.

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Mikael Björling, main speaker of the upcoming #KyivstarBusinessHub, is convinced that the key lies in understanding how modern industry logics can help us to shape a better world in future. Don’t miss your chance to speak to him about the latest trends in information and communications technology!

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ICT and vertical industry: the transformation of business and new opportunities
Mikael Björling

expert in consumer behaviour studies at Ericsson ConsumerLab and the author of a popular entrepreneurial blog "The Networked Society"

Lara Homans

author and transformation story coach

NSC Olimpiyskiy
Velyka Vasylkivska str., 55, Kiev, Ukraine
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